Sunday, June 18, 2006

Berry Yoghurt Ice-cream

1 Large pot of plain Soya Yoghurt
¼ Pint of Soya Milk
1 Punnett of mixed Berries (use whatever is in season or even frozen ones)
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1 tbsp Sugar or 2 tbsp of Maple Syrup

First place the berry in a pan with the sugar on a low heat, what you are trying to do is start to soften the fruit and dissolve the sugar. The fruit is ready when you have a runny jam like consistency (mind this will be hot) now place the mix some where to cool down. This mix can be made the day/night before and placed in the fridge. This will give you enough time to remember to freeze the Ice-cream maker most of the ones that are sold in the U.K take 12 hours for the liquid in them to freeze. Now 20 minuets before you want your Ice-cream put the Ice-cream machine together and start it off, you will need to do this as the liquid will freeze as soon as it hits the cold surface. Mix all the ingredients together before poring them in the machine. Now the wait, it should only take about 20 minuets till you have great Berry Yoghurt Ice-cream.

This should help keep you cool this summer, as well as make a quick and easy desert for dinner parties why not make extra Berry mix to pour over the top for a bit of extra flair.

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