Sunday, June 18, 2006

  • For my first posting I thought I would just let you know a bit about myself, I’m a 36 year old Vegan Gay guy living in London England. The Vegan part is what the Blog is all about not the gay bit, thats just how I was born.

    I first came to the Vegan diet as a way to help me with my M.E (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS for short). Once I started to eat Vegan I also started to read about a Vegan way of life, a kind of 101 to a more Vegan me if you like. I also started to download Vegan Podcast’s such as the great Vegan Freak (you can get it from ITunes) I found that I had a very strong belief in all the things they were talking about (some of these I will go over in the coming Blog)

    So to the main reason I wanted to do a Blog:

1. I wanted to show the types of great food you can cook and eat when you’re Vegan.
2. I want to help others in how to live a more Vegan life.
3. I also want to leave a record of who I am and how important a Vegan lifestyle is.

I hope I can do all this and more as the Blog goes on, I’m sure over time it will change as I do.

Thanks for reading this.


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Docksider said...

Great to read your blog, signed up here so will be starting my own ramblings soon... me I am a vegi bearish guy, who loves good vegan food.