Saturday, May 05, 2007

This is a still from Bazz's new Wii, we spent most of his birthday playing bowling, we had lots of fun. We even have a little dance for getting a strike... lol

Well other things that are going on this weekend Sharon and the kids are moving, the council says she has to had the house back to them on Tuesday, I'll not go into what I was calling them but I thought they would have a bit more savy than to put a woman with two small kids out of a house a week after she hd put her husband into the ground. Well thats Islington council for you.

I spent yesterday morning try to get my name on a list for a allotment, I think my best hope is with Ealing council, they have 3000 plots where as Islington has 6.

We are off to see fast food nation the movie later, we did Spider-man 3 yesterday it was very good, if not a bit to long.
Well its May bankholiday here and its over cast so I don't think we will be doing much but watching movies and eating lots.

I start the healthy eating on Monday, I needed to be at home to do it so I can get use to making all the food and getting use to eating breakfast every day.

Bear. x

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