Saturday, May 12, 2007

This is an update on how the growing my own food in a small space is going...
first up is the Nasturtium, I planted these to not only add a bit of colour to the planting but you can also eat all of this plant.

These are the Beans I have planted. Notice the other plant in with them, this is a fly catcher, one way to keep the black fly down.

Now these are my Potatos they look a bit mad, but I hope to get a good crop out of them. I would say to anyone thinking of growing your own start with Beans and Potatos.

Now one of the things I had to think of was how to get pollinating insects up to my first floor apartment in enough numbers to pollinate all my plants. I thought what better than a nice smelling strawberry plant. Also Baz likes strawberries and I thought it would get him into the whole growing thing.

And I have been saving this one to last, you saw this little one when she had only two leaves. It didn't take her to long to grow. (we call her Audrey, after the plant in the little shop of horrors) its our Pumpkin. We have had such fun growing her that I have planter some more and they are shooting up. I hope to get an Allotment to plant them out in soon.

If you have any questions post them and I will try to answer them as best I can.

Bear. x

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bb said...

your pots look great. will send you som pics of our veg asap. we need to do some weeding *shame on us*

see you soon gorgous xx