Monday, August 27, 2007

Lemon Cookies

This recipe comes from a posting by Kandace on Gone Raw Website, click on the link to go to the site (photo above is from the site). These cookies come out like tart, chewy lemon macaroons. I used an Icecream scoop to make the dough balls then pushed them down into cookie shapes, wet your hand first and it makes a smooth top.

I should say here I worked for 'Mrs Field Cookies' when I was a kid and we use to call it dropping when we did this. I'm still juicing but I thought these would be nice to take to work on Tuesday.

  • Gone Raw Website...

  • Makes 12 small cookies (or 8 if your dropping)


    1 cup Cashews, soaked for 4 hours (I've used Almonds as I want them to be more like Macaroons)
    Zest of 1 Lemon
    ½ cup fresh Lemon juice, (approximately 2 lemons)
    1 cup dry shredded Coconut
    ¼ cup Agave


    1. Process cashews in food processor until they are pasty in consistency.
    2. Mix in all other ingredients.
    3. Place 1 tablespoon cookie dollops on a dehydrator sheet.
    4. Dehydrate for approximately 12 hours at 105°F (you could also dehydrate at 115°F for 8-10 hours with similar result).

    I hope thay come out ok, if they do and last till I can get a shot of them I will post it later.

    Here is a photo of how they turned out. I like the cookie shape of them, and they will fit into my lunch box too.

    Bear. X

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