Sunday, August 26, 2007

We were at the movies yesterday and an advert came on for Dignity! Period. ACTSA. Supporting women in Zimbabwe with essential sanitary protection. In Zimbabwe a pack of sanitary towels cost more than 50% of a persons monthly income. With an unemployment rate of about 90% of the adult population most women don’t have access to them. Each year more and more women are getting sick with blood born infections and have to suffer from the stigma that people believe that these infections are sexual and outcast the women from family and community group’s. Body Form are raising money to send sanitary towels to Zimbabwe for the women at just £10 for a whole year. Now I know some of you will not like the fact that I am promoting something that is to be truthful not very environmentally friendly but as my mum would always say you can’t teach a dead person anything! I for one will be sending some money £10 to save a life is really cheap if you ask me… If you would like to help the website is:

  • Dignity Period.

  • And on a lighter note here is the link to a friends website, his name is Paul and I really like the way he has put it together, it really looks fun.

  • Swingin Web Paradise...

  • If you have a website why not post a comment and your link so everyone can have a look?

    Bear. x

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    Jackie said...

    Thanks for posting this. I went from London to Zimbabwe as a tiny tot and stayed until my mid 20's.

    Sadly the UK and South Africa are doing nothing to stop Mugabe destroying a beautiful country.

    The animals there are also in desperate need of help and we try to help out with that any way we can.