Sunday, September 09, 2007

So I’ve been about 90% raw for a while now and last night I thought it would be nice to eat a meal with Baz. Now I know from the meals I’ve done this week that he is not big on raw so I thought what could we eat that will not be so bad for me too?

So I thought some steamed vegetables wouldn’t be to bad, I know I wouldn’t be getting any benefits from then but at least it isn’t pizza or chips.

Well we sat down at the table to eat and I have to say it was really horrid, it had no flavour at all and as I was eating it I thought there is nothing in this, it’s just dead food. No goodness and no real flavour to speak of, I couldn’t even pep it up with some salt and pepper.

What is the way forward? How will I move forward from here? How will I make positive changes in my life to make my life better?

These are a few questions I will have to start looking at and working through.

Lets start by looking at the first one… what is the way forward?

I know now after being raw for the last few months that the only way forward is raw. Not only have I lost weight but also my skin, hair and health seem to be better 1000 times better in fact.

How will I move forward from here?

I think it all comes down to planning. I’m not going to have much money for the next few months as I start to get my head above water with bills, so everything I do has to fit into some criteria.

It has to be raw.

It has to be cheap.

It has to be taste and healthy.

And most of all, it has to be fun.

I will have to work on each of these at every step of the way and never for get them. I think that if I tick each one as I go I should be able to do it.

I also think that by posting on my blog I get the support that I need. I have also found a lot of joy in posting recipes to raw group sites and think this helps too.

How will I make positive changes in my life to make my life better?

This one I’m going to have to think about, I’ve started pretty positively by losing weight and keeping as raw as possible but from now on I will try a bit harder by making a 30 day commitment to you guys and myself and at the end of it re-look at how things have changed…

Day one starts today…

Bear. X

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