Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day ten of the 30-day raw challenge…




Calzone and salad


Raw Chile and Raw Bagel with Nut Sour Cream.

Raw Pizza and Salad


1 Banana

It’s the second day of my Living on raw food level 2 training day.

So if I thought that I had eaten a lot of food the day before today was a food heaven, if you do one thing this year even if your not going raw is to get ‘Living on Raw Food’ book the recipes are great and so easy to do…

So now I can teach the Level one living on raw food the Alissa Cohen way. I also feel able to teach some aspects of raw food preparation to others but I just have to work out my place in the raw food movement.

As I move forward I have some great ideas and I’m sure you will all be the first to know where I’m heading…

One of the first things will be a newsletter for all my fans…

Raw Vegan Bear. X

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:: nbcreative :: said...

hey! I like your blog :). Do you have the recipe for the raw bagel? I can't find one anywhere, and I already own a ton of raw books :P

Thanks a bunch! :)
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