Saturday, October 20, 2007

Well my plan to come home and blog all last night went to pot as I walked through the door sat down and fell asleep right away, only woken when a small furry thing decided that the was bored putting all of her stuffed mice on my back and wanted some food. There is nothing quite so freaky as waking up and finding 8 toy mice falling off your back at gone midnight when all you remember doing is sitting down and turning on the T.V.

I have posted a photo of a great cat toy called ‘Panic Mouse’ it keeps them entertained for hours and is one of the best cat toys I have ever had, now all I have to do is stop Noah attacking our other cats tail 24/7. He is starting to look a little pissed off…

So this is a short one for the start of the day as I have to write works newsletter today and it’s going to take about 6 hours to do it… I may post it when it’s done so you can have a look. I have to review books that I wouldn’t normally look at but it’s fun seeing things before they come out…

Till later.

Bear. x

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