Monday, December 17, 2007

Vegan food has gone mainstream with the release of the second in the series of the Skinny Bitch phenomenon. If you have a 'fat friend' or a 'diet addict' then why not turn them onto the Vegan 'thing' while your at it. Who knows you may be in luck the next time you drop around for lunch there may be some food on the table you that doesn't look like it had a heart beat a few hours ago.

While your buying one for your best mate don't forget to pick one up for yourself while your at it. The price also makes it a good buy for a stocking filler for your Vegan friends who may not pick it up as they think its a diet book, but trust me the recipes in this book will add to any Vegans kitchen repartee. To often do we 'Vegans' start off with good intentions and after a few years find that you can eat just as badly as a Vegan as you can an Omni just without the dead animal.

If you have had enough of me going on about this book then why not look up their website... Skinny Bitch 

Bear. X

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