Monday, January 14, 2008

So today I start my new job and as you can imagine I'm not going to have much time to write today but thought I would spend a few moments to mention other Blogs I have come across over the last week that you may want to have a look at?
But before we do that I thought I would shear what is going on in my mind at the moment about my eating.
As a lot of you know I went raw last year and got a lot better in my health, then as Christmas came closer I had a promotion at work but in hindsight I just took on more work for a lot less cash. Now this in its self caused two problems. 
1. less money to spend on fresh vegetables and no time to go to markets and hunt down cheaper food. 
2. I was also very short of time. I know some of you will say it only takes a moment to make a raw meal and I know your right but Baz doesn't like that much raw food so we were having to do two meals.
So the long and short of it all is that I eat raw when I could but at home I would cook vegan food for us both.
Now with the new job and Baz going away on holiday with his family this week I thought it would be a good time to go raw again and get back that zing I got last time. So watch this space...
Other peoples Blogs to look at...
I hope that like me you find something nice in these Blogs and if you do please let the Blogger know as one of the nicest things is to have people tell you what they think about what you do.
Bear. X

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