Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I love the colours in this work they leap off the wall at you as you pass them...

I really like this artist I have taken a few of their posters around town.

Putting the art on newspaper or just normal paper has become the norm around some parts of town...

It wouldn't be London without a Banksy...
Bear. X

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hairyvegan said...

Hi love the pics as i can relate to them being born in london but living in australia for 27 years.
i too am vegan and very similar to you.
You are a cute couple,
I love your book reviews and have just read both the john twelve hawks books, and boy does it make you realise about the grid.
I always wanted a small holding too and have managed that over here , currently living on six acres with 130 + animals and birds, including a roo and three emus called the dixie chicks,
keep up the blog i love it and read it all the time.
kind regards