Saturday, August 02, 2008

I have just found this website through hours of roaming the web looking for ideas of what to do for lunch. 'Just Bento' is so useful I don't know where to start...

I should point out that the site is not Vegan but it has so much good information that I would still give it five stars *****. 

I went to the site looking for some ideas on how to pack my lunch, and I got so much more. The site is really easy to use with lots of ideas about things you can put into your Bento/lunch box, with lots of photos to help you see what your getting.

Not only has the host done all the hard work for you but she has also got sections on saving money, losing weight, picking the right Bento/lunch box for your needs and how to keep your lunch healthy and balanced.

I thought this recipe looked good; Glazed Triple Soy Loaf

Finding the right Bento/Lunch box is sometimes hard if you don't have a Japanese supermarket where you live. I have found a few websites that deliver to your door. The first one, Laptop Lunchbox I have used myself and have found them very prompt and the product was great. 

The second site is a UK based site but I'm sure you can find one in your country that offers the same. Japanese Centre is a store in London and although they don't offer much in the shop the choice on line is huge, not only do you have Bento boxes but you can also top up on your food products.

Amazon has a really cool Bento box from Mr Bento it's like a thermos with inner chambers for all you different dishes. Some more fun boxes can be found on JBOX.

I hope this is of some use to people and that you try a Bento lunch like I'm going to next week.

Have a great weekend.

Bear. X


Anonymous said...

ooohhh...I like that thermo box idea!

I used to have a padded lunch bag, that had a pocket on the inside and I put a small version of 'cooler' ice blok in it. It worked really well, but I haven't seen one like it since.

Vegan Bear said...

My Laptop Lunchbox comes with an ice block space in its bag too.

The only problem was it wasn't large enough to keep it cold all day.

Oh and the lunchbox was a little to small for a big bear like myself. With any luck it's the right size for me now... lol

Bear. X