Saturday, August 09, 2008

I'm not sure if I have ever posted a photo of both Baz and I together? So when a friend of ours posted this to his face book site I thought I would pass it on. This was taken at about 12 midnight last Saturday night at a pub in Brighton. 

I should explain Baz had been really ill all week and he had driven for hours to get to this place. Before you ask we had only had water all night so the pissed look was just us needing some rest.

I thought I would give you an up-date on how I was doing on the Reductil. I'm just over three weeks through my first packet of tablets and I can feel the weight falling off. I don't get weighed till Wednesday this week so I don't know how much more weight I have dropped but none of my new jeans fit without the belts being done up really tight.

I have lost 3 inches off my neck and I think about 5/6 inches off my belly. I have even lost weight off my feet as my once tight size 11 (UK) are now a lose 11. I still eat 3 times a day and feel full all the time. 

Other things I can tell you about what's going on... I haven't had any migraines and the pains in my legs that comes from my M.E have all but gone. I have even noticed I have more energy and I'm sleeping better and for less time.

I'm really shocked that three weeks in and I have noticed all of these changes I hope some day soon I will be able to post a before and after shot for you to all see.

It's very easy to think that just being Vegan is healthy enough but I can tell you now you really have to give it more thought than that and I'm the living proof.

Bear. X

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Zach said...


I'm glad you posted a pic with your honey! I was wondering what you two looked like together. Adoreable! :)

It's great seeing results isn't it? I lost weight in my feet too...I was like "what the hell?" I didn't know that was possable.