Saturday, August 30, 2008

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So I thought I would give you an update on here of how my run/walk program is going.

Todays walk was a bit slower and not as long as the others but I still did it.

Length of speed walk: 3.86 km

Total walked this week: 21.79 km or just over 13.5 miles. Thats just over walk way to walking my Marathon in a month already. I think I will have to re-look at this goal.

I also tried out a sports/recovery drink. It was banana flavor and not to bad, but it did repeat a little. I felt o.k after and I haven't had any problems today with tiredness.

I will fill you in more but if you want to read it yourself its at Vegan Runners

Bear. X

I will post more about it tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I get so impatient with myself (with everything really) I used to walk all the time (and there are tones of great places to walk here) but I wanted to be some sort of 'olympic style' runner over nigtht (which is just not going to happen) so I gave up. But I miss it.