Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's been just short of a year when I last posted on this site and I have gone through a lot of changes both in my life and in my state of mind. Baz and I are still together and still for the time being living in London although this may soon be changing. We are looking to head to Derby and rent a house there.

For now though I am in London and never let it be said that I don't think of you all while I'm walking through the streets of this big town trying to find the coolest Vegan Fair I can to temped you from the couch and onto those streets.

I've found the Vegan Vixen herself hiding in Greenwich Market and some have said she also can be found in the Tea Rooms off Brick Lane. Who is this woman of temptation I can hear you ask? Well dear friends none other than one Ms Cupcake herself. This woman has temped me into a Vegan frenzy of taste and debauchery that would make a Burlesque troop look like the local Catholic school girls Netball team. How? Well with the food of the gods itself, her sweet, soft and bigger than life Cupcakes.

I was foolish to think that a Bear like myself could tame this Vixen and work my own magic on the tasty treats. So not being one to shy away from any task I took on eight different flavours, they came in the most amazing little box that hugged each one as not to damage any before I got them home. And let me tell you I have been crushed into submission. None of my cake will ever stand up to the amazing Cupcakes I have now sampled.

The Cub and I took on each one a bite at a time...

Cookies N Cream
Pina Colada
Tripple Chocolate (see picture above)
The Ambassador (my dream come true more like)
Kendal Mint Cake
Raspberry Ripple (Cub liked this one, although he said he hasn't tried all the flavours as yet so will get back to me on that one)
Strawberry Dream
Jaffa Cake

Don't think this list is all that she has on offer check out her website for more pictures and flavours. and if you really want to see them close up for yourself then go see if you can tame the Vegan Vixen herself at Greenwich or Brick Lane Markets, and see if she has come up with any new tastes for your temptation. Rumours have been going around that Whoopie Pies have been spotted once or twice hiding on her stool.

We were so impressed that we even ordered up 24 to take to a non Vegan wedding last weekend, and not to any surprise they went down better than all of the other food.

Bear x

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