Sunday, October 30, 2011

My new iPad 2

So yesterday I decided to bight the bullet and buy an iPad 2. I was planning to do it once the sale of the flat goes through in a few weeks but I thought what the hell I'll just grab one now.

Reasons to buy an iPad 2?
1) Lots of my books are now on iTunes and to access them on my phone is a real pain and as for trying to follow a recipe from and iPhone is almost impossible.
2) Once I move it will be great to be able to sit down and read without straining my eyes.
3) I intend to do a bit of travelling once I sell so it will be great to have guides and books to read while on a train of in a bus.

Now the big question, wifi or wifi & 3G?
Well I went for wifi, why I hear you say? Well apart from the price difference I have an iPhone that is less obvious when walking down the street.

Does size matter?
Well if you've got an iPhone then you may find that it does. With an iPhone you want to have as much space as you want to use it for apps and for keeping everything on the move.

Why not go for a big memory iPad 2?
Well it would seem from what I'm using it for that I want something that I can use to read things on and maybe use at home to do the odd thing when I don't want to get the laptop out.

Looking at books and book apps on the iPad 2 most of the books are stored in the cloud including amazon's kindle app, so no need to carry around loads of books on my pad using up loads of memory.

You can download the books any time you have a wifi network.

What would be your reason for using an iPad 2?
Reading magazines? Books? Websites? Would you use it for work? Home? The family?
When would you use it? In the day at the office? On your way to work? When you get home? In bed?

I'm sure you have lots of thoughts when looking at an iPad 2 but try and play around with a friends one so you get more of an idea about what it's like to use. Having a touch and play at the apple store is not really what it's like to use (though I've only had it less than 24 hours) I can tell you now that I've already noticed that I'm using it very differently to how I thought I would.

Let me know what you would use an iPad 2 for? And if you have a pad are you using it for something other than you thought you would?

Bear x

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