Monday, March 19, 2012

The Worm Turns?

If your like me worms freak me out! I didn't follow the stereotype boys activities of chasing screaming girls around the playground with a worm on a stick! See I was destine to be Vegan even at an early age. But one of the things I've always felt I should do once I had a garden was to get over my irrational fear of them as I'm sure I will come across them while I'm out sorting my veg patch.

So why on earth would I want to get some in the post? 500g's of them at that? Well I have just bought my first Wormery! A Wormery? Yep a Wormery....

A Wormery is a way of composting your kitchen waste and producing two bi products, the first is a liquid that when diluted can be used as plant feed and the second is a high nutrient soil that can be used in your veg patch.

I always thought that I would have to touch the worms so was a bit scream-ish about it, but I was wrong, once you have set up your first tray when the worms arrive you never really see your little guests again. With the home tray set up you place a working tray above it and start to fill it with your kitchen waste, avoiding citrus, onions, garlic and meat. It would seem that worms are pickier than one would first think.

Once you have filled the working try you would add another tray and start the process again, all the time draining the liquid off from the tap at the bottom of the Wormery. Once you are up to two full trays the home tray will be empty of worms and you will have a tray of workable nutrient soil, this tray can then go onto the top level and it becomes a new working tray.  All the time the worms will be moving up the Wormery eating through your kitchen waste as they go.

I will be posting pictures as I get it all sorted and built. If you are looking at getting a Wormery first contact your local authority as some will offer a discount on home composting and recycling. One tip I would give is, shop around there are lots of deals out there.

Bear x

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