Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Baby

Every one should have one..... this is a very short Blog today, but I just wanted to show off my new IMac 20". One of the things I love about Mac's is you just get them out of the box and plug them in..... I'm sure some of you will get to play with it at some point, my goal is to get everyone to change over..... *grin*

well its nine days to go and the flat will be all mine, it's looking like a bomb has hit it at the moment, but hay I can live with it for a bit, I was going to say she (soon to be ex flatmate) is doing nothing around here, but she never did, I think its me that has now stopped. I have four days off when she gose and I'm just going to put on some music and clean the place from top to bottom....

hope your all well and talk soon.

Bear. x

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Dozi said...


You might find this interesting:

GreenPeace don't rate Apple very highly on the environmental front! But the plus side sounds like the problems ought to be easily fixable.

I thought they had a recycling program but doesnt look like they do:(