Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Hand make light work.....

Well there is not much to tell you but I will fill you in on all the tip bits.....

1. I have about a week before I start Open Uni, I'm really looking foward to it and will try to keep you posted.

2. Work..... well I have to say it's great at the moment, I enjoy working with the people I do... I would go as far as saying its the best job I've had.... I find them supportive and we seem to work well as a team.

3. My CFS/M.E has been bad over the last few weeks, this is one of the reasons I haven't posted over the last few weeks. Ihope to start treatment soon, again I will keep you up to date with that. I want to tell you about how it all works and how I feel, I will try to do this once a week once it all starts.

4. You will notice that we have a new photo on this posting, this is thanks to my new phone from Sony Ericsson W800i Cyber-shot.

5. Cooking and food have not been that high on my list of things at the moment, but I will get back to it all and I have a few things to sort and post for you..... I'm trying to make Lemon Non-Cheesecake for work tomorrow.....

6. All things Vegan and Green are still very high on my list to talk about on here, I also want to fill you in on what Vegan foods I have snacked on and how I rate them.

7. I still haven had any luck finding the Man of my dreams so if your Gay and Vegan do let me know...... *grin*

I'll be back with you soon.

Bear. x

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