Sunday, November 19, 2006


You may notice that there is now a Google banner on Blog, this is to help make money!

Money I hear you say! Yes Money! I wanted to make some money so I could give it to an animal charity, maybe sponcor an animal with the name Vegan Bear.

Now the way the Banner works is it picks words that I have used in my blog to pick adverts to show on it.... part of me says good luck Google if you can find ads to match my miss spellings and my content...

So if you don't like them I'm sorry but hay it's for the animals...

Also if you want to help I am using my YouGov account to raise money, so for every one of you that use the link below and registers I will be able to make the same amount of money you do for the first three months of your membership. YouGov is a research company and I found it is fun and only takes a few mins out of your week, and like me the money you make you could give to an animal charity too...

if you chose not to use it please pass it on to your friends and I will let you know how I do, so far on my own I have made £23 when it gets to £50 they will pay out and I can pass it on.

Thanks for your help.

Bear. x

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