Sunday, November 05, 2006

Meet the Family....

Well its November the 5th and we went out to watch some fireworks together so I thought I would post a photo of my sister and two of her boys. We had a great night, I even baked a Vegan brownie for them to eat when we got back home. (it went down well and everyone had a good night)

It was intresting as a Vegan because the family had takeaway for dinner! intrestiong I hear you say, why? it ment a trip to McD's, now firstly I wouldn't see McD's as takeaway, I always see it as junk food and secondly my family doesn't have much money and eating out at McD's cost over £20, this would feed them for a few days if they went to the supermarket, but the best thing of all was my sisters youngest didn't eat it coz "he's veggi" he has ADHD and I'm not sure if he understands it all but my sister was telling me he hates meat and will not eat it.... (I'm so happy about this) I'm going to get her to start giving him omega zen 3 by newtru to see if it helps with his ADHD, I'll let you know how we get on.

We also went shoppingand I watched as my sister spent £60 on food/junk and onlt got some pasta and beans that could be clased as a meal, I wish she and the kids would eat better, when she gets away from the arsehole she is married to I will talk to her about it. (please note her black eye in the photo, she has his sister to thank for that. and where was he? in bed pissed)

well as far as my CFS/M.E is going had some tests this week and I'm now tagged to see how much I do over a week, I've got to go back next week for more tests.....

over all a good week with lots of nice vegan food, I will try and post something later in the week with some of it on, I don't have very good photo's so you will have to forgive me for that...

Have a good week


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