Thursday, November 09, 2006


I thought I would post another one of my photos, this one I did after we went to war in Iraq.

I remember when I was young and Britain went to war over the Falkland Islands, we had no idea where they where or what the war was over, one of the things that has stuck in my head to this day was the fear that we were all going to be killed and that a country called Argentina would bomb us here in London. (I was very young and didn't even know Argentina was on the other side of the world)

I just think that if this sits in my head as a memory from when I was a child, what must it be like for the children of every country in the world where the bomb and the bullet is an every day thing, will we ever be able to look at our governments who tell us they had to do things and that they stnd by what they have done.

Bush, Blair and the other leaders of the world stand hand in hand with other butchers past and present, till the violence ends and children can go into the streets to play.

remembrance Sunday is this weekend and like many others I too will stand and remember the fallen but at the same tile I will also be thinking of those children who really are the forgotten.

Bear. X

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