Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bought this book coz I wanted to look more at what I was eating, and I've had alot of people talking to me about live food, so I thought I would give it a try.... The books ISBN is 9780060843182 (new ISBN 13) there is also a website and if you live in the US they deliver Raw Food to your door.... WOW

One of the bits of equipment that you need is a good dehydrator, I went to a website call and ordered the dehydrator bellow…..

The L’Equip Model 528 Dehydrator

Offering up to 12 square feet of drying space, The L’Equip Model 528 Dehydrator features the same unique style and functionality as the rest of the L’Equip range. Dehydrating a variety of foods and herbs is an excellent, natural way of preserving their goodness and concentrating and enhancing their flavours. Make your own banana chips, dried mango in this dehydrator and you will notice the difference in flavour from shop bought products.

The design facilitates temperature controlled drying throughout its six trays with the option of adding further trays to increase the drying area. It dries evenly throughout the tray area, even in the corners, with variable, thermostatically controlled drying temperatures from 93° to 158° while using an economical (maximum) 560 watts of power.

Uses include drying herbs and flowers, fruits and Vegetables. The Model 528 comes complete with two tray inserts for making fruit leathers (strips of dried fruit purees) and this kitchen-friendly dehydrator is both compact and visually appealing. Each of the six trays supplied has a removable mesh insert for easy cleaning and the instruction manual has a handy recipes section to get you off to a flying start.

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