Monday, December 11, 2006

The singer who put the MAD back into Madonna!

I'm not her biggest fan but I have bought her music and been to one of her gigs, but I have to tell you right now "never again".

This week saw Madonna stepping out in London with Guy in her £35,000 Chincilla coat, I find it very had to say anything about this because like her I'm Mad but unlike her I'm angry.... stand with me and say no to Madonna and no to Fur, tell people what you think about her and what she has done, tell them about how small animals where killed so that bitch could stay warm.... I would like to point out to people who don't live in london it's the hottest winter we have ever had, most people are in T-shirts and I have even seen people in shorts around town......

Remember say "No to Madonna, and say No to Fur"

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