Saturday, December 02, 2006

Here is a little something from a friend call Davey

In My Head Let Chaos reign
Lost and defeated, I feel nothing but pain
The battle rages, my heart speaks
Bring me back to the solace I seek

Silence I hear, the battle is done.
Lost and confused, I can only run
My soul cries out, but theres no one ahead
My soul cries out, it is left for dead

You put me here, in my inner hell
It is because of you, but no one can tell.
The fates have spoken, the end draws near
Why did you do this, what did you fear.

Was it really you, the one I sought
Or was it your intention, leaving me to rot
You filled my mind with lies and deceit
Leaving me empty, scared, incomplete

I will move on, I will make you see.
I will not be defeated, not by you, not by me.
Love will prevail, in this shattered heart of mine.
I will shine through, leaving my past behind.

I hope you all liked it, and I hope we have some more from Davey another time.

Bear..... x

1 comment:

Mattye Lee said...

This is an incredible, POWERFUL poem!!! I would love to add it to my blog as well. Would you PLEASE, PLEASE ask him for permission, and tell me how he'd like it cited?

Brightest Blessings!!!