Saturday, November 25, 2006

Books for Cooks:

This has to be the shop of my dreams (really) if I wasn't working in the shop I do, I would love to work in this shop! The people working there were friendly and knew the stock too. (always a good sign)

I have booked myself on one of there many courses, you can find them on they don't have any Vegan courses but lots of veggi ones. I have booked myself on one that looks at veggi foods from around the world, as most of you that are Vegan know you can Veganise anything in the world today so I thought it would be good for ideas.....

This is a great shop as I said and they have some great books, if you have a few hours and want to see how its done then you couldn't do any better than drop in and say hi to everyone at Book for Cooks.

Bear. x

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