Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I got an e-mail today from Earthlab.com asking me to work out my Carbon Footprint, now if your like me you have tryed these sort of things befor you will know that they never take into account if your Vegan, well this one is no diffrent. But I had to say the questions were a little better than the normal ones I've come to get expect.

So now down to the important stuff...

My Carbon Footprint is 1.5 tones per year. that means I have to plant one Oak Tree each Year to offset my Carbon. I am a bit ahead of this as I planted 10 last year, but I do have a bit of catching up to do to offsett my past life. (Before I became Vegan)

How Big is your footprint?

Bear. x


Anonymous said...

I just saw this t-shirt and it made me think of you...



urban vegan said...

I don't think that formula is right. According to Peter Singer, the average person who follows the SAD (stanrdard American diet--but your get the picture) diet is responsible for generating, on average, 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide each year. Switching to a fuel-efficient car prevents about 1 ton of CO2 emmissions.

In any case, as he points out, switching to a vegan diet is actually better for the environment than switching to a fuel-efficient hybrid car! And better for your health. And better for the animals.

You are WAY ahead of the game, Vegan Bear.