Sunday, July 01, 2007

This is the first fruit on our very big Tomatoe plants, we do have alot of flowers on them so I hope there are alot more photos to come.

I planted alot of beans and this is a shot of our first green ones.

As I was saying we are going to have beans coming out of our ears very soon, these are some of the french black ones.

Andd it wouldn't be a posting without a shot of Audrey. She now has some very small flowers on her so I thought I would give you a shot of them.

So a quick run down of the week...

It was my 37th birthday and I have to say one of my very best, I was treated to a loverly day by Baz and it will be one I remember for a very long time.
As far as other things Global Warming hit our country side big time with floods like Noha would have been shocked at. Then later in the week we had car bombs in London and Scotland, with the bomb in Scotland going off at the airport. I am sure over the next few weeks/months we will see alot more. I think its time we pull our troops out of other countries and use the money to change our own for the better.

I hope you and your loved ones are all safe when you read this.

Bear. X


gingergirlbb said...

they look so good!! we hadsome of our potatoes the other week....yumyumyumyum
i just did the earthlab carbon footprint but i did it for my household (for the bills andstuff), i think i should have done it entirely for me (quartered it) cos it didnt seem to have options for multiple persons for journeies etc. anyways 6tonnes, 4 people in the flat, my transport methods!!
love to you bothxxbbxx

bazu said...

I love the photo of the tiny tomatoes! We live in upstate New York, and our tomatoes are only a little bit bigger than those. I can't wait to harvest them!