Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So for the last 7 days I haven’t had anything but live fresh juice (fruit and vegetable) with added good Bacteria, Wheat Grass and Spirulina (green algae powder that is high in protein). Now the reason for this big change was, as some of you know I have M.E and sometimes I get bad I.B.S and this has been one of those times. I even had to come home from work a few times, as the cramps were just too bad.
Well after just two days the cramps had gone and by day three I had so much energy that Baz asked me if I was feeling ok when I came in from a long day at work. By day four and five I had decided that I wanted to keep trying raw food more in my diet after I had finished the 7 days, I was so committed that I even when out and got us a new juicer. Packing up my old one and shipping it off to my sister with the instructions to do the same 7 days plan I’d been on. Days six and seven went really quickly and I have a strange craving for pumpkin seeds and I’m sleeping less than six hours and not feeling tired at all.
So today is day eight and I thought I would weigh myself to see if the new feeling I was feeling went all the way through my body… and low and behold I’ve lost 10lbs in weight.
We have a fridge full of fresh healthy food to eat and I’m still making juices so it looks like I’ve now taken being Vegan to the next level. Going raw/live seems to be a good step to take, but we will have to just wait and see.

I'm so buzzed on juice I think every one should try it, think of it as a detox.

Bear. X

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urban vegan said...

I am amazed at your discipline.The longest I've lasted on a juice fast is one day. Glad to hear it had such a great effect on you.