Monday, July 30, 2007

Do we all have a tipping point? A thing that happens and we swear never to do it again under any circumstances?

Well yesterday I made dinner for Baz, a lovely Vegan spaghetti bolognas and for desert I made sticky chocolate pudding with custard. Now as I said before the time I feel it had to eat raw is when Baz and I are having dinner together, you see he was Vegetarian when we met and became Vegan when he moved in with me. He is not the biggest vegetable/salad fan, though he is eating more and different things all the time. So asking him to eat raw with me could just be a bit too much to ask.

So any ways I cooked this dinner and it looked really nice, so I thought what the hell I’ll just have dinner with him and enjoy sitting there whit him eating and watching a movie. Well dinner was nice, I enjoyed it very much indeed the only thing I noticed was I didn’t have as larger portion as I would use too, but I enjoyed every mouthful.

Then it happened, about two hours after dinner I started to feel a bit unwell. My guts started to hurt, and when I say hurt I was doubled up in pain. Now we went to bed as usual and after about an hour I had to get up and go into the living room just so I could move around and try to alleviate the pain, this went on all night and is still hurting right now. I know its not food poisoning as Baz has been having problems with his tummy over the last month or so, so it would be him that got sick if it was going to be one of us.

So having had very little sleep and still feeling unwell I had to call in sick today. This has pissed me off a little as I haven’t had a day off sick in over a month and I wanted to see how long I could keep it up.

So have I reached my tipping point?

The answer to that would be a big fat YES.

If I had any doubts about it before I sure don’t now. I know it is going to be hard at first but I am sure with time it will get easier.
God knows I have enough books on it to start a library.

So with my newfound zest for raw I’m going to take my first steps… be it one at a time.

Bear. X


Divinetweetness said...

Vegan Bear, I know exactly what your talking about. I had a similar experience last week. I decided that a little cooked food at a party wouldn't hurt but the next morning I woke up feeling like I had a full blown hangover, even though I hadn't had a drop to drink the night before. I actually found myself saying, "I'm never doing this again!" lol. Anyways, Hopefully no more cooked food hangovers for me! Peace!

Vegan Bear said...

it's also the runny nose and the not sleeping part that gets me too...