Monday, August 20, 2007

My new Vita-mix 5000 blender came today. I thought I would post some information on it for you.

Product Details

* Patented Spill-Proof Vented Lid
Super-secure, with a removable plug for adding ingredients while the machine is running.

* Durable Half-Gallon (64 oz) Container
Made of space-age polycarbonate for superior durability. Square-bottomed design for impeccable processing every time.

* Stainless Steel Blades
Hammermill and cutting blades work together to completely pulverize whole foods quickly and efficiently.

* Variable Speed Motor
Depending on the process, blade tip speed can be as low as 11 m.p.h. or as high as 240 m.p.h. A unique electronic feedback-type control adjusts motor speed and torque for consistent processing at any speed.

* Heavy-Duty Wear-Resistant Base
Virtually indestructible. Won't become brittle or discolored.
Patented Tamper for Extreme Processing Power
Push food into the blades without fear of jamming the blades or damaging the tamper. Perfect for processing peanut butter and ice cream. Helps you handle ingredients that blenders can't even touch!

If that hasen't got you going and you have 30mins of your life to veg out. Why not watch these two experts show you just how its done...

Sit back and enjoy. I'm sure I will post some of my recipes on here soon, Baz is even saying we may do a video to put on here too.

Bear. X

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