Thursday, August 02, 2007

These look so easy to make, I'm off to the health food store to pick up some Flax seeds now.

Bear. X


faith said...

I have her 'green for life' book and have '12 steps to raw foods' on order. I thought it might help me focus and make the transition easier. I really need a dehydrator...your blog makes me hungry.

Vegan Bear said...

my blog make me hungry too...

I think green smoothies are one of the most important things you can drink.

As far as dehydrators go I wish I had bought the one thats in this video, mine has a hole that gose right through it so I can never make really big sheets of anything. it can be a real pain.

to get me on the raw track I spent 3 weeks on just juice, I found it helped me get off the hot /warm food taste.

I hope the blog is of some use to you.

Bear. x

faith said...

The juice diet for 3 weeks sounds good. I debated this actually but didn't know if it would be a good idea or not. When funds alow I will look for a dehyrator with no hole in the middle.

Your blog already encourages me. :)