Thursday, September 06, 2007

Chocolate Bannoffee Tart.


Tart Crust Ingredients:

1 Cup Walnuts
8 Soft fresh Dates

Tart Filling Ingredients:

1 Ripe Banana
3 Soft fresh Dates
1 Ripe Avocado
1 Tbsp Agave Nectar
1 Tsp Vanilla extract
2 Bars of Raw Chocolate

Or if you have Raw Coca Butter and Raw Chocolate make up about a cup of your own chocolate. Use recipe from earlier post.


Tart Crust:

Place the cup of Walnuts and the pitted Dates into a food processor and pulse till the mixture can be pushed down and it sticks together to form dough.

I used individual lose bottom flan tins to make mine but you could use a larger tin. With the crust mix place a ¼ of the mix in each tin and push down till it sticks together and forms a solid crust.
Next turning the tin on it’s side put some more of the mix in the tin on the side, forming it down to form the sides as you go. Don’t make the sides crusts to thick, as it will take away from the filling.
Place the tart tins in the fridge to firm up for about an hour.


There are two fillings to this Bannoffee tart; the first one is the Banana part. Place the Banana and the 3 pitted soft Dates into the food processor blend till the two are mixed and form a flecked white paste.
This past can go in the bottom of the tart tin, filling the space to about half way up the crust. Now placed the tart back in the fridge for about 10mins to cool and firm up.

The next filling is also the topping of the Bannoffee and makes it a bit different from the usual cooked kind.
Break up your chocolate and place it in a glass bowl. With kettle hot water fill a second bowl with just off the boil water and place the chocolate bowl inside resting the bottom of the bowl just above the water. Now keep the chocolate moving so it melts and doesn’t get to hot. Set aside to cool slightly.

In another bowl scoop out the Avocado and mash it up till it come to a smooth green paste. Then add a teaspoon of Vanilla and a tablespoon of Agave Nectar into the mix. Now add the cooled chocolate and beat the two together to form a chocolate moose. Top the chilled tart and Banana filling with the chocolate moose mix and chill for 15mins then serve.

Bear. X


Zoe said...

Love your photo of the Chocolate Tart it looks sooo naughty sitting there like that!

Vegan Bear said...

It was so nice, it only lasted a second or two after this photo was taken...
Thank god it was raw or I may have put on loads of weight... *grin*