Thursday, September 20, 2007

In the news today one of our political parties announced that it wanted all cars by 2020 to be run on biofuels, this is a great idea but it has some huge problems in itself.

With most of this country eating meat grain is used as feed, if we started to use the grain for fuel as well we would have to turn more land over to growing this type of crop, as appose to land for vegetable crops.
This would also mean that we would be more reliant on vegetable crops from other countries, shipped to us by air or road, this in itself would push up pollution and costs.

We have already started to see the cost of food crops go up this year due to the summer floods we had this year, we have been warned that this may become a future normality in this country.
In Europe where most of our other foods come from they are having the opposite problem with huge droughts and land fires that have wiped out large parts of some of Europe.

In Spain where we get a lot of our vegetable crops they have already started to turn seawater into fresh water for watering the crops. When seawater is changed into fresh water it has a by-product of salt sludge which is then pumped into the sea and kills thousands of animals and makes huge areas uninhabitable for ages, some never recovering.

I know at the next election I will be looking at other parties to vote for…

Bear. x

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