Monday, September 24, 2007

So I thought I would tell you just what I have been doing with my weekend off.

I have been toying with the idea of writing a book for some time now and on Friday night I started to look into how I would do it.

There were some important factors I had to take into account when I was coming up with my plan, the first being over heads, it not only couldn’t cost me anything to produce and it also shouldn’t cost much for people to get hold of.

I always said I wouldn’t charge but one thing I have come to understand is that doing all this is costing me a lot of money and I need to cover some of those costs.

I have just signed up to do the Alissa Chohen level 1 raw chef course and the level 2 Instructors course as I would really like to teach the raw life style to others and help them on there journey. And by the end of it I would have paid out over £500/$1000.

One way I can get some of that back and help others is to publish my own eBook. I have just finished chapter three, and even though I say so myself it’s looking very good.

I have about another weeks work on it and then I will have to have it proof read. I as some of you know have dyslexia, but I’m not going to let that stop me.

The eBook will be my guide to the first steps along the path to a raw life. I hope some of you will find it useful and may even help you make the journey with me.

Bear. X


Rediscover Raw Food said...


While I think the sites that can give away information for free are wonderful, it totally makes sense to earn back some of what you're investing while acquiring all this Raw knowledge! If people are willing to pay a fee for your expertise, it's because they see the value in it. Sometimes consumers want to pay someone else to do the leg work and distill the information for them. Nothing wrong with that! I don't expect a personal trainer or a doctor or a shrink to give me free advice. Here's to the success of your ebooks!

Vegan Bear said...

Thanks for your support. I've had a lot of e-mails from people insupport of my eBook. I have to say it was nice to hear from people on the matter. It's also nice to get such posative support.

Thank you.

Bear. X