Sunday, September 02, 2007

So I’ve just got back from ‘The Festival of Life’ and what can I say but a great day. I thought it would be a group of very skinny hippies but I would be the first one to say I must have stood out more that most there.

I went to a few talks the first was by a woman called Gina Panayi and her talk was call ‘My Raw Greek’. Gina took us through a few recipes from her cookbook ‘My Raw Greek’ the food looked really nice and the smell was yummy. It gave me lots of ideas, I’m sure they will follow.

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  • The next class/talk I was going to go to had been changed and instead I went to a really good one called ‘Food Inches’ taken by Sally and Steven Sprout. Their talk was about sprouting and growing baby greens. Again I was buzzing from all the information they passed on. I got myself some Hemp grow bags to grow some chickpeas to make some raw hummus. If you want to order some you can e-mail them at

    After a short break where I spent the 3rd world dept twice over I went on to a ‘Raw Chocolate’ talk. The best thing I can say about this is if you’re down to do a talk about something with a topic like ‘Raw Chocolate’ don’t spend most of the time talking about a product you make and when someone asks you about how you make raw chocolate you tell them you can’t give away trade secrets!

    Well for those of you out there looking for a recipe here one is.


    60g Cacao Butter grated
    2 tbsp Maca
    3 tbsp Raw Chocolate Powder
    1 tbsp Agave nectar


    Boil a kettle full of water and pour into a small pan. Carefully place a large glass bowl on top of the pan; making sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the hot water. Add the grated cacao butter and stir continuously until it has melted.

    Note: Raw cacao butter has a melting point at approx 38°C, so it will melt very quickly. To retain the cacao's nutrients, it should not be allowed to exceed this. (You can check periodically by dipping your finger in the melting cacao butter - it should feel slightly warm, not hot.)

    Once all the cacao butter has melted, slowly stir in the mesquite and chocolate powders until they have dissolved completely. Next add the Agave nectar.
    Pour the chocolate mixture into your chosen chocolate moulds, or simply a small tub lined with greaseproof paper.

    Place in a fridge to chill and harden. Once hardened, these chocolates will remain solid at normal room temperature, but you may prefer to keep them in the fridge anyway.

    Next up was the two talks I had been waiting for ‘How to go raw and achieve long term success’ by author of ‘Raw Spirit’ Matt Monarch. Well if you ever thought about going raw and didn’t think it would change your life, this man could talk you into it.

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  • The next talk was ’Raw Reform’ by Angela Stokes, have a look at her video and you will see why this woman impressed me big time…

  • Raw Reform Website...

  • The afternoons classed really took it to the next level and beyond.

    I have a head buzzing with ideas for some raw food that I will post over the next few weeks.

    Tuesday we will be starting a ‘Juice Feast’ 5 juices a day made up from fruit and vegetable juice with added goodies. I will try to post other recipes and ideas I’m having as the week goes on.

    I have posted a lot for you to look through here so I will leave it now. Make sure you click on the links I have posted and come back soon.

    Bear. X

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    Rediscover Raw Food said...

    Thanks for posting this. The closest similar event to me like this is over six hours away, so it's great to see it through your eyes. Glad you're enjoying it.