Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is one of the best raw un-cook books I have read so far. I would say to anyone thinking of going raw to get this book and if you have the cash to hand Alissa has a video to go with it.

Living on Live Food
By Alissa Cohen
ISBN 9780974896304

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  • Bear. x


    Anonymous said...

    Yes, if you are transitioning it is awesome book, hey how come on your blog there is no room for fruitarian?

    Vegan Bear said...

    I have to say I did think about adding a button for Fruitarians but after some thought I decided not to as I didn't think my blog would appeal to them. I have always said that you should do what you know best and stick to it. I am however more than happy to have guest postings of recipes if you would like to send me one.

    Bear. x

    faith said...

    I'm so glad you post about the books you are reading. I need to find more. I have had the book '12 steps to raw foods' on order for 2 months...still has not come it! *sigh* Now that I am at the library I look through the food section for raw books all the time. We are suposed to have several but they are all out...must be a wave of interest in rawness going on in my home town, which is encouraging, but makes me impatient to get my own hands on some books.