Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This may be a posting that some of you will find a bit strange. But as some of you know I have said that even though I’m now raw I still feel as though I’m putting all this life giving food inside me but I still feel dirty inside (for want of a better expression).

So yesterday I found a place near me that I could have a Colon hydrotherapy treatment. After hearing a lot of people talk about it at the weekend I thought I would give it a try.

I thought I would post the definition as seen on Wikipedia;
Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, is an alternative medical procedure, sometimes associated with naturopathy. Similar to an enema, it involves the introduction of discrete amounts of purified water, sometimes infused with minerals or other materials, such as organic coffee, into the colon using medically approved class II colon hydrotherapy devices with sanitary, disposable speculums or gravity-fed enema-like systems inserted into the rectum. The fluid is released after a short period, and the process will be repeated multiple times during the course of a treatment. A colema is a type of colon hydrotherapy performed by your self, using a bucket with an attached hose, while lying on a board positioned over a toilet, into which the contents of enema are released.

I will post later letting you know what it was like and how I feel afterwards.

Other things you should keep your eye out for this week on my blog are:

1. Raw Chocolate Tart.
2. The arrival of my new dehydrator.
3. More on my week of juicing.
4. Preparation of some raw foods and sprouts for the weekend ahead.
5. A busy week at work…

I thought I would also say here that even though I’ve gone raw I will still be posting Vegan recipes on here as Baz is not going raw and I will still be making things for him. Also when I post a raw Vegan recipe if it can be made ‘cooked’ I’ll post both recipes for people to chose which one they want to make.

Bear. X

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