Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weight Matters?

When I first started to blog it wasn’t about losing weight and I have never wanted it to go down that path, I feel there are way to many people out there telling us what weight we should be and how the best way to lose it would be…

I having worked in the diet industry know that most, but not all are only in it for the money and it’s in their best interest for them to keep you fat, it’s the way they make money…

Only you can find the way to losing weight and getting healthy for yourself, it all comes down to common sense and a bit of home truth.

You know if you eat to much or the wrong things and you don’t do any exercise your going to be over weight and unhealthy. You really don’t need to pay people money each week to be told that…

One thing I have learned over the last few months is you want to put things into your body that give it the best you can.

Matt Monarch said in his talk at the living festival that I thought was one of the best things I had heard in a long time was ‘its not what you put into you body it’s what you don’t that’s important.’

Bear. X

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