Saturday, October 13, 2007

Baz has a new hair cut and I think it looks cute…

Day twelve of the 30-day raw challenge…




Avocado Salads


Green Smoothie



Well late last night our Gas meter broke so I couldn’t do any food prep today till very late so again all my food had to be simple and easy to do, with as little washing up as possible. Our water heater is gas powered.

But I made up for it just before I left for my sisters. I had some seeds soaking and made up some pizza bases for dinner on Sunday and lunches in the week.

I went to the shops and got my sister a blender so when we are there later today and tomorrow I can have some green smoothies. I hope my sister will like them and do them for herself. Eating more dark greens would help with her joint pains…

I’m feeling very clear headed today and for the first time this holiday rested, though I’m not expecting that to last, what with a new kitten coming home with us tomorrow…

Bear. X

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