Friday, October 12, 2007

Day eleven of the 30-day raw challenge…




2 Side Salads


Hand full of nuts



So I spent the day running around, as you saw I picked up my iPod Touch and went into work to do a few things for our newsletter, then I went out to lunch with a friend I work with on her second from last day.

So first I wanted to say a few things about the Touch… Never order anything from Apple on-line, the customer service stinks and it took so much longer than they said it would. You may be able to tell I’m not a happy Bear with them…
As for the Touch itself, what can I say? I love it, I managed to blog from it and surf the net, watch my films and play my music… What more could I ask for? Oh yer a phone… But that’s to come…

Moving on… I have been thinking of doing a bi-monthly newsletter with recipes and tips and advice, nothing to big and I would keep it free. If you have any thoughts on this then e-mail me and share them please.

You can now use this e-mail for any communication with me…

So 30-day update…

I’m feeling great today, no runny nose and my head is really clear. I have noticed I’m a lot calmer and I’m thinking more about where I want to go. I felt I dealt with going out to have lunch with a friend really well I was able to take control and ask for what I wanted and told them ‘two side salads on a dinner plate please, and no dressing’ the guy just didn’t bat an eyelid, this experience has set me up nicely for my family dinner at the weekend.

And to round this all off, we are off to pick up Noah this weekend so expect a lot of Noah posts and updates…

Coming up in the next week:

Bears Christmas Pud

Chocolate Cashew Butter Cup

Bears Calzone

Have a good weekend…

Bear. X

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