Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day three of the 30-day raw challenge…


Green Smoothie


1 Avocado

1 Banana


Hummus lettuce wrap with Tomato and Salad Onion topping.
See below for recipe.


1 Apple

1 cup seedless White Grapes

Hummus Recipe

Before you can make raw Hummus you will need to sprout some Chickpeas. You do this but soaking a cup of dried Chickpeas over night in some cold water. It will then take 3 days to get the Chickpeas to sprout enough to use and you will need to wash them twice a day in fresh water.

Now I use a hemp sprouting bag to grow my Chickpeas in, hemp has an anti bacterial property but if you don’t have one you could always use an old pair of tights.

Some tips:

Don’t leave your sprouts in the sunlight when your sprouting them as they don’t need light, remember they live under ground till they are plants.

I grow hang my sprouts over the sink so when I soak them the excess water can run into the sink. You could always tie them to the bath tap when you’re not using it.

When your sprouts are 3 days old you can slow down the growing process by putting them in a freezer bag and put them in the fridge. You should keep them damp but not wet, as they will go off.

O.K down to the recipe:

1 cup sprouted Chickpeas
1 tbsp raw Tahini
1 clove minced Garlic
1 tbsp cold pressed Olive Oil
½ tsp ground Cumin
1 tsp Lemon juice
Salt & Pepper

Place all the ingredients into a blender and blitz till it is a smooth paste. If you find it not making a smooth enough paste add a little water.

Bear. X

P.S Anna has asked me to start tell you all how I am feeling though I’m not sure you want to hear any more ranting from a mad Bear… (I should add here to all those who don't know me Anna is taking me on my raw cooking class at the weekend and it may come accross like she's a mate, but we have only exchanged e-mails for the last few weeks and I now feel that she is just one of those people you meet every now and again who brings some light into your life when you need to see where your going. I hope she dosen't mind me saying but I hope one day to call her a good friend)

I should say first of all that I work in a bookstore and we are in mid academic season at the moment so not enough time to look up at the next customer let alone think for ones self…
And I can now tell you I have in the past few days got a promotion to be the assistant manager of said bookstore…
I point all these things out my dear reader as I think it may effect my emotions and judgement somewhat over the next 30-days.

So I’m sitting here at some un godly hour in the morning the birds aren’t even out of bed typing this note to you the only noise is the hum of the dehydrator as it makes some Hob Cookies for a request I had made to me from someone on ‘Raw Food Talk’ to see if I could come up with a ‘Hob Nob’ like cookie replacement… (it’s a very English thing…)
So how is the 30-day challenge going and how do I feel?

The 30-day challenge is fine I do have a pulling towards mono foods, I know for all you out there who read this want to see me eat really nice raw foods but when it comes down to it I just want a Banana of an Avocado and maybe a hand full of Tomatoes… It’s like my body is telling me to go that way and I may have to follow soon. I’m also still getting use to the tastes of all the foods still so that is sometimes hard, and don’t even get me started on textures, we would be here for days…
So now down to how I’m feeling… I think I’m all right, I’m sleeping a lot less at the moment, and trust me someone with M.E sleeping less is a bit strange. I have also noticed that I have been a bit short with people. Bit I’m putting this down to my new found glow attracting nutters…

Work is very hard at the moment but I do know that if I wasn’t raw I wouldn’t have got this new burst of energy that has enabled me to get this promotion. My head is a lot clearer and I’m thinking more on my toes and I think that has come across in my work.

I should add here that I have noticed my skin is almost like new, smooth and tight every morning when I wake its like I’ve had a facial all night… trust me dear reader when your pushing 40 this alone is enough to make you eat raw…


Rediscover Raw Food said...


I like reading the notes on how your Raw experience is going. Sort of like we're all a part of some grand experiment. said...

How did you feel after you ate the chickpea hummous? Were you able to feel good in the digestion?

When you soaked the chickpeas, were they stinky?

Raw Vegan Bear said...

Hi Suvnie

I didn't have any problems but I have to say I'm not a really big fan of Raw Chickpeas, they just don't do it for me..

Bear. X