Sunday, October 28, 2007

I’ve just started to read the new Clive Barker book ‘Mister B. Gone’. The opening of the book is ‘BURN THIS BOOK. Go on. Quickly, while there is still time. Don’t look at another word. Did you hear me? Not. One. More. Word.’ How could you not read it?

Mister B. Gone
By Clive Barker

Book Description.

Mister B. Gone marks the long awaited return of Clive Barker, the great master of the macabre, to the classic horror story. This bone-chilling novel, in which a medieval devil speaks directly to his reader—his tone murderous one moment, seductive the next—is a never-before-published memoir allegedly penned in the year 1438. The demon has embedded himself in the very words of this tale of terror, turning the book itself into a dangerous object, laced with menace only too ready to break free and exert its power.
A brilliant and truly unsettling tour de force of the supernatural, Mister B. Gone escorts the reader on an intimate and revelatory journey to uncover the shocking truth of the battle between Good and Evil.

Bookseller reviews from

  • Waterstone's Website...

  • Nicky Elkington, Waterstone's Coventry.

    Clive Barker is at last back… His new tale is the biography of a demon, and what an evil demon it is. Barker is back on form. His ability to tell a tale that keep’s you turning the pages is amazing and unrelenting. A fantastic read, and one of the only books I've read that threatens you with emotional and physical abuse and torture just for reading it. If of a nervous disposition then follow the books first words and burn it... Brilliant!

    Bear. X

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