Wednesday, November 07, 2007

At last I have got the photo's to upload onto Blogger...

This is the paste mix as it comes out of the Food Processor it should be slightly sticky but wet enough to spread around.

Make the mix into a shape you will find easiest to deal with, for example if you are taking it to work make it into a square so you can put it in your lunch box. But if your having a party with lots of non raw friends around making it look like pizza that they would eat may be better and let you surprise them with the fact its raw.

Place the base in the dehydrator for two hours or until the top is firm and you can toss it over off the teflon sheet without it breaking, lay the pizza base on the mesh sheet and place back into the dehydrator for about another hour maybe two and you can get on with making the toppings.

I will post my recipe twist on Alissa Cohen's Pizza Base Recipe on here later so you can try out my twists but do try hers out two as hers are really good and are very easy to make.

Bear. X

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