Friday, November 16, 2007

My latest trip into the world of Audio books is the first Anthony Horowitz book in the Alex Rider books 'Stormbreaker'.

I know you may be thinking that Anthony Horowitz is a children's book but to tell you the truth it was a nice break from some of the adult books I have been listening to over the past week. I tried to listen to 'The Kite Runner' but to be truthful if I had to hear about that boy chasing kites for another second I was going to kill someone...

Stormbreaker on the other hand had me gripped, you follow Alex Rider a 14 year old orphan just after his uncle and guardian has been killed. When Alex finds out that his uncle was a member of MI5 Alex follows his uncles hidden past into the world of espionage. Will Alex save the youth of the country and the P.M?

Where next for Alex Rider? Watch this space as I've just downloaded the next two books to play over the weekend...

Bear. x

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