Sunday, November 11, 2007

So as you all know I am a bit of a teckno geek when it comes to all things
So after playing with my iPod Touch for over a month now and loving every moment with it I decided to go one better and say goodbye to my crappy Virgin mobile, 'that doesn't get a reception at work that turns its self on and off when it wants need I say more phone' and say hello to the all singing and dancing iPhone.

OK so now your thinking what's this got to do with his blog?

Well two things first it means that I can blog 24/7 where ever I am as it has full internet access and secondly I thought I would tell you how amazingly good it was as a product. I'm not saying it will replace my iPod Touch as my main iPod as I really love the touch and download lots of T.V shows onto it for those long journey's home when I'm not in the mood for a book. But I alway thought PDA's where great and phones with them in never really went far enough. With the iPhone it offers me almost all the things I use my laptop for (other than work) and all the things I would use a PDA for, calendar, contacts and to do lists with the added bonus of full internet, maps, SMS messages and e-mails (from all my e-mail accounts) I should also say its a very good phone and a small storage iPod to top it off.

I know it seems a bit costly for most people I understand where your coming from but it's a small price to pay to make my life a little easier and lets me blog at other times other than when I've been working all day.

I can also answer all the e-mails I get from people about the blog as well.

Bear. x

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