Monday, November 12, 2007

This blog posting may offend the sensitive. The video below should not be watched by anyone who would be offended by how meat is produced and how humans treat animals in the world today.

One of the podcasts I often play is one called '
Vegan Freaks', todays show they were back from a very long summer break and had lots to talk about. Bob one of the presenters was talking about a movie called 'Earthlings' one of the most important films I think to ever be made that reflects our society in its true form. The first time I watched the movie I must have stopped it about twenty times as I couldn't stop myself from crying. I know people do things without thinking and that human nature is not the nicest thing but when it is presented to you in a way that makes it accessible and easy to see in its true form it becomes hard not to take notice .

Earthlings is a movie that everyone should see even if you find it hard to do, I know most people on here are Vegan or at least Veggi but if your not then you really should see what happens to your food before you eat it.

on a nicer note on the show one of the callers had a website I thought you would like to see the link to, it's called '
this little piggy had Tofu' it's a blog from a guy who is raising his young daughter Vegan and what they get up too. You really should go and have a look. If you are looking for kids (or adults) lunches then you should check out 'Vegan Lunchbox' website for some great ideas.

Tomorrow I will be giving you the latest audio book review for you and also include a DVD review as well.  I will tell you now it was a Sci-fi book/DVD and one I enjoyed very much...

Coming book reviews will be for:

Anthony Horowitz's 'Stormbreaker'

Khaled Hosseini's 'The Kite Runner'

If your in the U.K and want to get hold of these books then click on the titles and it should take you through to Waterstone's website and the book you are looking for. It would be nice if you could let me know if you have read any of the books and what you think of them.

Come back tomorrow for the audio review and an update on the iPhone...

Bear. X

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Al said...

Hey there. Thanks for the shout out. I haven't actually listened to the new podcast yet. So I found out through your blog that my voicemail made it on.

Better go check it out!