Friday, November 23, 2007

So today I went for some blood tests... 

You see over the past year and a half I have had test done on my blood to make sure everything was O.K while I was on the M.E treatment program. 

When talking to the doctor we went back through some of the test results and noticed that when I was having green smoothies all the time my test results for all my test where better.

what this shows I am not 100% sure but the doctor has asked me to send her information on what I put into my smoothies. I also suggested that I come and speak to some of the people on the treatment program about introducing raw food into there lives.

I think one of the most important thing I ever did to help myself get better was to start to drink green smoothies. I would love to try treating people with M.E by introducing raw food into there lives and seeing what changes it has on there lives...

If you have green smoothies why not share your story with others here, you can send me a link to your blog or e-mail me with your story and I will post it here... spread the word and let us know what changes it's had on your life...

Bear. X

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thats realy interesting.

I've had m.e since i was 15 so thats a good 4 years now, and thoug i've been alot better for the last while. Been snacking on too many sweets for useless fast energy in a course i'm doing.

I went vegetarian around three years ago, and that change helped me alot. Your blog really inspires me to go raw, even if just for a little in my daily intake.

Can you recommend any good green smoothies, or any books with some good recepies.