Monday, December 31, 2007

The Dark River
By John Twelve Hawks
ISBN: 9780593054895

The second part of the forth realm trilogy this latest John Twelve Hawks novel takes you further into the world of the traveler and his companions. As the world turns the great machine begins its latest plan to take control of one of Europe's largest cities Berlin, can anyone stop them? Will anyone die trying to stop them? What will become of the traveler and will he find his farther in the other realms?

This book pulls no punches it takes you to the edge and pushes you over the top. No longer is the focus of the book all about the great machine but you know they are always there. 

I haven't been able to walk down the street without noticing all the CCTV cameras everywhere...

Pick up the first book and trust me you'll not put it down, by the time you get to this book you will want to stay at home and have a duvet day with it...

Bear. X 

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